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GreenBackStreet Programs

GreenBackStreet — The leader in providing cash back shopping programs to help people and organizations earn more money.

  • Free Membership
  • Licenses
  • Local Listings
  • Co-Brand Sites

Free Membership

What is it? It is a free membership that gives you access to GreenBackStreet.

What is in it for me? Cash Back from shopping, referring and playing games

  • Cash Back Shopping at more than 1,100 stores, up to 30% on your purchases
  • Referral Cash on purchases your friends make, 10% of the amount they get back
  • Games are free to play and cash prizes are awarded to top point earners every week
  • Community participation, share thoughts and opinions with other shoppers
  • Discount Prescriptions with our card printable from your account, usable immediately

What do I have to do?

  1. Register for free
  2. Activate your membership
  3. Go shopping
  4. Share with others

Shop. Save. Share.

Join for Free Now...


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    What is it? A free license that turns your membership into a way to earn part or full-time income; no upfront fee, no monthly maintenance, no hidden costs, allows you to make money on your own efforts.

    What is in it for me? All the benefits of free members PLUS:

    • Triple referral cash
    • Infinite generations of member referrals shopping
    • Local listing income
    • Co-brand site income

    What do I have to do?

    1. Sign up
    2. Refer others to shop
    3. Give out free drug cards, free trials of local listings and co-brand sites

Learn More about Licenses...

Local Listings

What is it? An internet web presence for your business listed on the local section of and all of Pinnacle's web sites. Your web presence includes a description of your business, a map to your physical location, testimonials and search engine optimization.

What is in it for me?

  • Increased walk in traffic
  • More customers coming from the Internet
  • Coupons electronically delivered to your and our database
  • Search engine optimization (top page ranking on Google)
  • Free gift for all of your customers that makes you money

What do I have to do?

  1. Sign up
  2. Setup your listing
  3. Create a coupon
  4. Give customers free memberships

*professional team leaders help and support you with everything about your Local Listing.

 Learn More about Local Listings...

Fundraising Program

What is it? The 21st century way of raising needed funds from what members are already doing, shopping on the Internet. No more increased dues, asking for more donations and needing members to buy things they don't want, and can't afford to raise funds.

What is in it for my organization?

  • Helping members get cash back and the organization earns on what they are already doing - Shopping on the Internet
  • Cash Back on all
    • Organizational shopping
    • Member shopping
    • Member referral shopping

What do I have to do?

  1. Enroll as a Fundraiser.
  2. Setup your branded shopping web site.
  3. Write your endorsement letter.
  4. Have all staffers register for cash back shopping.
  5. Send your endorsement letter to all of your organizations members.
  6. Promote your fundraising program at your organizations events.

*professional team leaders help and support you with everything you need.

 Learn More About Fundraising...

Co-Brand Sites

What is it? The 21st century way of generating income for your business or group from what your customers and members are already doing, shopping online. Your logo placed on one of Pinnacle's world class shopping portals and all customer and member e-mails customized for your business or group.

What is in it for me?

  • Income from all Internet shopping and referring done by your business or groups customers and members
  • A way to increase the size of your data base through Pinnacle's revolutionary patent pending referral program

What do I have to do?

  1. Sign up
  2. E-mail your logo to Pinnacle
  3. Give away free memberships to your supporters, customers, patrons, vendors and clients

 Learn More about Co-Brand Sites...

About Us

GreenBackStreet is a one of a kind shopping portal developed by Pinnacle Communications International, Inc. Modeled after the most powerful and profitable marketing program of the 20th century; frequent flyer rewards, GreenBackStreet revolutionized reward programs for the 21st century by eliminating the need for points and miles and instead offering cash rebates for shopping and referring others to shop. From that simple concept has grown an entire suite of products, programs and services.

GreenBackStreet saves people money doing what they already do,
Shop and Refer others to shop online!

The Best Way to
Shop, Earn, Help Non-profits, Build a Business and Market your Local Business
in the 21st Century


Discover GreenBackStreet, the place where it pays to shop!

If you love to shop, and save, then you're going to love On GreenBackStreet you'll find low prices and get great money back rebates at more than 1,100 of your favorite national retailers as well as coupons and deals from local stores.

That's right, you get money back every time you shop at

It's easy to search for exactly what you're looking for, compare prices and see product reviews. You can also choose your favorite stores and get notified about special deals like free shipping and more.

Plus you'll have a chance to make new friends and share your experiences with other GreenBackStreet members through an interactive community area.

Did I mention the games and the cash and prizes you can win there? It's all waiting for you when you become a member of And best of all, it's FREE!

There are no membership fees, no monthly dues and no long-term commitments of any kind. Just great shopping with cash back rebates.

Click on Shopping and Saving and I'll tell you all about it. Then sit back, relax and get ready to discover why is the best place to meet, shop and save online. You're gonna love it here!


Imagine being able to shop at more than 1,100 stores in a mall that never closes. Stores you know and probably already shop at like Target, Sears, Macy's, Circuit City, Office Depot and hundreds more. Plus, there are lots of your favorite local stores, too! All with some of the lowest prices you'll find anywhere on the Web.

And every store in the mall is pre-screened and selected as a safe merchant to shop with.

At, you'll find an almost unlimited assortment of the things you want and need.

Things like clothes, shoes, food and wine, jewelry, household goods, health and beauty products, sporting goods, electronics, gifts, specialty items, pretty much everything you can think of.

Sounds like shopping heaven doesn't it?

Now imagine getting cash back on every single thing you purchase at every single store; it's possible at

With your free membership you get some of the very best rebates available online every time you shop at

There are no coupons to clip, no sales to wait for and nothing to send in. Just great buys on the products you want and already buy with money back in your pocket.. And there's so much more.

Let's move down the street to Local Stores.

Local Stores.

Unlike other online shopping outlets, is the only place online that lets you shop at all the big name national stores you love, plus many of your favorite local stores, too.

That means you can support your local merchants and still find the best deals available in your area.

And unlike the ordinary directories where you just get hours and locations, our exclusive Local listings give you maps, specials, online coupons and promotions and more. You'll also find helpful ratings and reviews from your fellow members. You can even select your local favorites to receive newsletters and emails with special offers.

And like I said, you get the satisfaction of helping to support your community and the local businesses that make it such a great place to live.

Our next stop on is Search and Compare.

Search and Compare

At, you can use our powerful search and compare tools to find exactly what you're looking for with the lowest prices and the best rebates. There are many ways to search by product, by category or by store.

Or, if you prefer to just browse from store to store, you'll find all the stores at listed alphabetically.

It's kind of like a treasure hunt where you never know what you'll find when you open the next door. But then, that's half the fun of shopping.

When you find a store you like, mark it as a favorite to receive automatic emails about specials like free shipping and more.

Search by product and you'll find product reviews by other GreenBackStreet members so you'll know even more about your choices before you buy!

Social Networking

When you find a great deal or a brand new store, the first thing you'll want to do is tell all your friends.

And that's just what you can do at When you stop by the interactive community area, you'll be able to share your shopping experiences with others through many interactive features. And we're not just talking about blogs.

At you'll find lots of member-generated information so you can get the real story right from online shoppers like you. Want to contribute your own thoughts? No problem. Your fellow members will be glad to hear what you have to say.

You'll also find our exclusive WikiMalls. Talk about cool, these are places where groups of people that enjoy the same things can socialize and share their favorite products with each other. For example, CatsCatsCats, let's cat lovers talk about all things cats including their favorite cat products. My favorite WikiMall is Cheese, Glorious Cheese. You should see all the great stuff I found there.

Speaking of great finds, are you ready to find out more about Then let's talk about Games and Prizes.


Who doesn't like games? Especially when you can play for free and win valuable prizes and cash.

With Spin the Wheel you get cash for the highest point score. Our members love this game and many play every day! Plus with every purchase you make, you're automatically entered in drawings for prize giveaways. And that's just for starters. We'll be adding new games all the time.

And there's still one more way to make money at Let's talk about Referral Cash.

Referral Cash

Remember, being a member at is always free with no membership fees or monthly dues so you can feel good about introducing your friends, family everyone you know to the great shopping at

Then, when they enroll as a member of through your referral, they get cash back for their purchases and so do you!

The more people you enroll, the more money you get back when they shop.

It's a win-win situation for everybody! You can even make your own business for signing up new members.

But first, you have to become a member yourself.

Become a Member Today

Okay, we've talked about all the great national and local stores at

You've learned about easy searching, low prices and the money back you get when you shop.

And we talked about finding great specials at your favorite stores and all the fun of sharing your shopping experiences with other online shoppers.

Now let's talk about you becoming a member.

To get started, just click the "Create Your FREE Account" button at the top of the page. It only takes a minute and it's totally FREE.

That's it. That's the key to - and all the wonderful things that make it the best place to shop online by far.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not join today?

And thanks for taking time to take a walk down GreenBackStreet today. We hope you'll visit us again real soon.

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions or comments.

Headquarters: (Florida)
9116 Cypress Green Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Privacy Policy

Click here to view our privacy policy.

  1. 1
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  3. 3
  4. 4
  1. Register for free.

    Registration form instructions

  2. Activate your membership.

    Registration form instructions

  3. Go Shopping.

  4. Tell others.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  1. Sign up.

    Registration form instructions

  2. Refer others to shop.

  3. Free trials of local listings.

    Meet with local business owners to present the local sales presentation downloadable from your Marketing Materials page.

  4. Free trials of cobrands.

    Meet with business owners or groups to present the co-brand site opportunity.

  1. 1
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  3. 3
  1. Purchase a license upgrade.

    Team manager Upgrade form instructions

  2. Sign up Ambassadors.

    Help everyone you meet that needs extra income to sign up as an Ambassador for free.

  3. Sign up Fundraisers.

    Follow the step-by-step guide to signing up non-profit organizations into the Fundraising program.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  1. Purchase a license upgrade.

    Regional Team Manager Upgrade for instructions

  2. Sign up Team Managers.

    Help your Ambassadors upgrade to Team Managers.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  1. Sign up.

    Local Listing order form instructions

  2. Setup your listing (help available).

  3. Create a coupon (help available).

  4. Announce your store to existing members in your region.

  5. Once it works, start giving away free membership to your customers.

    Give a referral card along with every receipt.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  1. Enroll your organization as a Fundraiser.

    Registration form instructions

  2. Setup your site.

  3. Register the staff as members.

    Enroll every staffer as a member under your fundraiser account.

  4. Send an endorsement letter to your membership.

    Send an endorsement letter to each of your volunteers, supporters, members, etc.

  5. Promote the program at your events.

    Promote your organizations new fundraising program at your events and meetings.

  1. 1
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  3. 3
  1. Sign up.

    Order form instructions

  2. Send in your logo (help available).

    If you were unable to do so with your order, send in a hi-res image file of your logo and our professional designers will put it up on your cobrand site so it looks professional.

  3. Give away free memberships to your supporters, customers, patrons, vendors and clients.

    Give away free memberships by sending your customers, supporters, etc to your site.

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