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Store Discontinued

1-800-FLOWERS is no longer participating in the GreenBackStreet program.


1-800-FLOWERS: I had no problem with my order. I've sent a rose plant, a silverplated cup, spoon and a photo frame to my daughter after she had a baby. She and her husband just loved those gifts especially the rose plant. It was a nice combination of gifts. Delivery was made on the date specified. I will purchase gifts and flowers from this company again. I've also received a 15 discount toward the above gifts.

3/12/2009  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: Nothing is less romantic than getting a box of roses from 1-800 Flowers. Shows no imagination or thought. Use your local florist!

9/17/2008  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: I absolutely love this company. I have been ordering flowers from them for years. According to the recipients, the flowers have always been gorgeous and lasted a long time. Of course, I always send to the same people - so the local florist is probably the same ones every year. I've never had any problems and you can find discount codes online.

4/16/2008  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: Totally stand behind their product, and are always very timely. Two times they've reshipped a replacement or credited for less than perfect performance. I recommend them.

3/7/2008  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: Delivery charges extreme!

3/18/2007  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: Delivery charges extreme!

3/18/2007  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: I have not had a good experience with this Floral site. Twice they couldn't locate a florist in the area to send an arrangement I had selected to send. I am going else where. Thanks.

12/19/2006  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: The last time I ordered the birthday cake it did not turn out so well, but all theother times I have ordered the flowers have been really nice.

10/19/2006  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: Flowers not delivered on date requested. Was emailed that they were. Then they forgot and had to be called to deliver them. Flowers when delivered were bad. Did not accept them and then the next day a nice arrangemnet was delivered. Delivery was due on a Friday and flowers finally delivered on Tuesday.

6/5/2006  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: Great!!!

2/1/2006  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: I think they are the best. Their flowers are always nice and I will continue to use them.

1/9/2006  Objectionable content?

1-800-FLOWERS: I got the flowers I needed on time. But they are kind of at the mercy of the local florists. My wife only got 11 roses instead of the 12 I ordered.

1/10/2005  Objectionable content?

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