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Earn More Cash with a GreenBackStreet License

You can probably see the incredible value that the GreenBackStreet website provides its users. After all, who doesn’t need to save money on the shopping they’re already doing?

The answer is that everyone needs to save.

But there’s even better news. Now through our GreenBackStreet License program, you can become the owner of your own GreenBackStreet business!

We’re talking your own replicated site right on the www.greenbackstreet.com domain!

People come to the site, shop with GreenBackStreet and you make more money, it’s as simple as that.

Start your own business today with a free GreenBackStreet Ambassdor marketing license.

Ambassador (AM) Licensee Compensation

Enroll free greenbackstreet.com members, sell local listings and co-branded sites.

  • 30% of your referrals’ cash back
  • 20% of other referrals’ cash back


More on Shopping

As an Licensee you earn additional shopping commissions on your referrals and their referrals.


Ambassador (AM)

Own Purchases
Listed Cash Back (LCB) Listed Cash Back (LCB)

Referral Purchases
10% of LCB 30% of LCB

Other Referral Purchases
(through infinite Member generations)
20% of LCB




Click through this brief slide presentation for an overview of all the benefits of a GreenBackStreet license!


“I have been involved with GreenBackStreet for over 8 years ... we have landed our biggest account to date which represents over 1,000,000 members from two databases that we are about to launch marketing campaigns. The revenue potential from this group alone is expected to be in the high six figure range. I am currently cultivating several large marketing organizations with databases in the hundreds of thousands to give away this free membership program, while generating revenue at the same time.” Gene L.
Fort Lee, NJ
“There’s no place I can shop for my grandchildren and at the same time put away a savings for them...” Esther T.
Kansas City, MO
“I needed to purchase a MacBookPro laptop. Total Savings through GreenBackStreet $377.53. What is GreenBackStreet worth to me?... PRICELESS!” David J.
Alpharetta, GA